Arranz-Bravo. New Man


28 from March - 28 from May

A selection of the newest works by Arranz-Bravo is on show until 28 May at ARTALROC, the state exhibition hall in Escaldes-Engordany.

Around 20 works by the Catalan artist Eduard Arranz-Bravo, including oil paintings, drawings and sculptures, are on display as part of the exhibition at ARTALROC. Arranz-Bravo, a leading figure within the Neo-Figurative movement, uses his work to represent modern man, with all of the problems, fears, loneliness, anxieties and repression he carries on his shoulders.

In a recent interview, Arranz-Bravo defined his work in the following terms: “All of my paintings are self-portraits. Everything I’ve painted since the age of seven is a self-portrait. Even the series Los Visitantes, which comprises portraits of other people, is actually a self-portrait. And all the works painted by Velázquez, Goya, Van Gogh, etc. are also permanent self-portraits. Great painting is a self-portrait.  Art as a whole is a self-portrait, because it’s about truth. I am compelled to paint in order to give meaning to my life.  Without painting, I’m nothing.”

Eduardo Arranz-Bravo entered the art scene in 1962, when his work was shown at a collective exhibition in Barcelona’s Ateneu gallery.  In 1981 he held his first solo exhibition, and in 1986 his first international exhibition. Since then he has enjoyed consistent renown, winning numerous prizes and accolades around the world. In 2009 he opened a self-titled foundation in L’Hospitalet, which offers a space for contemporary art and serves the dual purpose of promoting his own work as well as that of young contemporary artists.

Bernat Puigdollers, who carried out the interview mentioned above, defined the artist’s career in these words: “Arranz-Bravo has had a long artistic career, and one which he has lived intensely. He experiences every stage of the works that emerge from his new studio with the passion of a child, and the same thirst for discovery. Like him, the canvases he produces are lively and passionate, born of the bright light and peaceful ambience of his studio, and together they collate the experiences he has had over the course of his sixty-plus years dedicated to painting. I have tried to paint a portrait of him with words, but all my efforts have been in vain. He is right: all art is ultimately a self-portrait. Therefore, let us allow his works to serve as his portrait. Eduard is attitude, Eduard is passion, and Eduard is a tireless worker. (Núvol, online cultural newspaper. Puigdollers, B. 09/11/2016).

Location: ARTALROC. Av. Carlemany, 8, Escaldes-Engordany. Free entrance.

Dates: 28 March to 28 May 2017.

More information on the activities related to the exhibition: Creativity workshop for children with Helena Guardia (22/04/17) and “Vermut i art al Roc” (Elevenses and Art at the Roc) with Eduard Arranz-Bravo and Carme Tinturé (20/05/17): Tel. (+376) 828 704;

General information: Tel. (+376) 875 700, ext. 1271.

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