Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord


03 from July - 08 from July

The Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord has reached its 10th year, once again testing the limits of the athletes contesting the events in its race programme.

Andorra ultra trail vallnord 2018

Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord 2018, to be held from 3 to 8 July, now has six races, since last year's inclusion of the Euforia dels cims, covering 233 km and 20,000 metres in climbs and descents. The other races are the Ronda dels Cims, 170 km with 13,500 m in climbs and descents; the Mític, 112 km and 9,700 m climbs and descents; the Celestrail, 83 km and 5,000 m in climbs and descents; the Marató dels Cims, 42,5 km and 3,000 m in climbs and descents; and the Solidaritrail, 10 km with 750 m in climbs and descents.

After 10 years, the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is well positioned on the international mountain race stage. Participants from 50 different countries nationalities is clear evidence of its popularity. Andorra Ultra Trail runners from around the world make their dream of living the magic of the mountains a reality.

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