4th Meeting of micro wine producers


19 from November - 20 from November

Wine fans have a new meeting with the small producers on 19 and 20 November 2016.

4th meeting ofmicro wine producers

One year more, Sant Julià de Lòria will be the centre of the meeting of micro wine producers, now in its 4th edition.

The gathering, which is making a place for itself in the international scene, will have a new area: the marquee in the Prat Nou car park with the exhibitors, where also will be given the talks with renowned experts and producers like Olivia Bayés (Celler Marco Abella), Fanette Fessy (Domaine Galus), the specialized journalist Joao Pedro Manaia Rato, the sommelier José Pelegrí, Champion of Spain in the speciality, and many more.

The event, which is planned to promote the small wineries, offers a full program to complement the professional activity among the general fans, who can taste from the wineries at the meeting.

Get hooked on craft wine!

Place and dates: Prat Nou marquee, 19 and 20 November 2016. Sant Julià de Lòria.

Location and contact

Envelat del Prat Nou, av. Rocafort
Sant Julià de Lòria