This activity combines skiing with paragliding, meaning you can take off for several metres above the ski slopes. In this vein, the Ordino Arcalís ski resort even has the first Speedride School in the Pyrenees. Fully committed to excitement.

If you are a daredevil, are a good skier and want to try new sensations, this is an activity for you. The course to best suit you can be found in the Ordino Arcalís ski resort, with classes tailored to your level with an instructor who will show you all the secrets to this experiences from the start.

It can also be done as a duo with two people on the same paraglider.

Since it is a very specific activity, it can only be done off-piste.

The resort will provide you the appropriate equipment for the activity, including the paraglider and harness.     

Does this take your fancy?