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Make your day in the snow longer with the night-time activities at the Ordino Arcalís resort, and choose the one you most fancy! There are countless activities to choose from!

High mountain gastronomic night (temporarily closed)

Ordino Arcalís offers you one of its star attractions: enjoying a gastronomic night by dining at the most emblematic restaurant at the resort, famous for its fondues, char grilled meats and mountain rice dishes, La Borda de la Coma!

There are three ways to get there. The first option is to climb onto a giant sled, totally exposed to the elements, and be pulled up the slope until you reach to the restaurant (please remember to wrap up warm for this activity). The second is to go for a ride in the Gica, a snowcat with an enclosed, heated cabin. Otherwise, if you are a ski mountaineering or snowshoeing fan, don’t miss the opportunity to climb to the restaurant while doing what you love the most! If you choose the last option, you'll need to let the restaurant know and follow the route indicated by the resort.

Trip to Sorteny Refuge

Dinner at Sorteny Refuge truly is an unmissable event during your time here. A few times a season, the resort offers you the chance to make your way up to the refuge either on snowshoes or by skimo. The route only follows a marked and signposted circuit, and you’ll also be accompanied by a professional mountain guide who will guarantee your safety at all times. Once you reach the refuge, warm up with a fantastic gourmet dinner featuring traditional cuisine from high up in the mountains.

Once you’ve eaten, you can either head back the same way you came, or perhaps you'd rather extend your stay and spend the night in the refuge for a one-of-a-kind nocturnal experience. The choice is yours!

Find out more about these and other activities on the official Ordino Arcalís website. 

You can also find out what other night-time activities take place at our resorts. Check the following link where you will find countless ideas that will amaze you!

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