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In Andorra, you can stay in a mountain borda, a traditional building that has been beautifully converted where you can relax and take a break from the routine and stress of everyday life. Its superb location in the mountains will let you enjoy a spectacular natural environment, whatever the season of the year.

Borda del Buno is an old lumberjack’s cabin converted into a comfortable rural accommodation. It’s located in the forest of the Vall de Sorteny Nature Park, just ten minutes from the road. In summer, you can get there by walking, and in winter, with the snowfall, by wearing snowshoes or doing skimo. You’ll always be accompanied by a professional guide. Click here for further information and bookings.

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Come and enjoy a full experience with outdoor activities and local seasonal cuisine.

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Hotel Xalet Bringué

The modernity of the concept and the facilities of the Hotel Xalet Bringué guarantee that your stay will be perfect.

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Hotel Bringué

The hotel is located in el Serrat, in the parish of Ordino and 5 kilometres from the Ordino Arcalís ski resort.

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Borda de Sorteny Hut

The Borda de Sorteny Shelter is located in Ordino inside the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, right above the grazing area with the same name.

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Rialb Hut

The Rialb Hut is between la Rabassa and Rialb, on the left of the Rialb river in the parish of Ordino. 

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Besalí Hut

Besalí is found in Canya de la Rabassa, in the parish of Ordino, at an altitude of 2080 metres.

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Comaubaga Hut

The Comaubaga Hut is on the orographic left of el Valira del Nord, next to the Coma Obaga stream and at an altitude of 2,015 metres.

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