Kids Forest Circuits at Grandvalira

Kid Forest a Grandvalira

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Even though Grandvalira has three Kids Forest circuits located in the Pas de la Casa, Encamp and Grau-Roig sectors, the latter is without doubt the biggest and most complete.

These circuits, which are designed with children in mind and decorated with motifs representing animals native to Andorra. You’ll find them positioned according to the difficulty level of the activity or the child’s level. First is the 4-year-old marmot Mona, who accompanies beginner children, while Bo, a 6-year-old wood grouse, is for children who can already manage to ski on their own. Next is Vulpi, a 9-year-old red fox who represents the intermediate-level children and, finally, Nae, an 11-year-old Pyrenean chamois who accompanies the most expert children!

Little ones will be able to ski, improve their skills and embark on new challenges: the children will have to overcome challenges to reach a higher level. They will improve their technique and balance without noticing.

Grau Roig Kids Forest circuit

This is undoubtedly the largest and most complete Kids Forest circuit of the three, given that in addition to being decorated with fantasy characters and having an obstacle course, it is the only one with a beginners’ slope, the “Kids Forest slope” for the youngest of the family  who are just starting out in the world of snow. Here they can play and take their first steps in a really fun surrounding!

The Grau Roig Kid Forest also has a children’s area for those who want some extra fun: they can ride a mini snowmobile, slide downhill on a doughnut, go down the zip-line or practice jumps and escapades, and much more.

Forest Pas and Snow Forest circuits

As we mentioned at the start, Grandvalira also has two other Kids Forest circuits: the Pas Forest located in Pas de la Casa and the Snow Forest located in Encamp. Even though these two circuits are smaller, they offer a whole range of activities and fun for the youngest.

At the Snow Forest of the Encamp circuit, the children have a 10 m long tunnel to get through, whereas at the Forest Pas in Pas de la Casa, they will have to traverse a magical forest, or for the more courageous, make their way through a 50 metre long tunnel that crosses the whole forest. A whole world of possibilities for the youngest to enjoy.

Children’s programmes

Another of the numerous options on offer at Kids Forest circuits is their programme of children’s activities, which combine fun, games and learning. There are programmes lasting one, two or five days, in which your little ones can go on beginner’s courses and enjoy a wide range of other activities. The children will have the opportunity to drive a mini-snowmobile, ride on a sled, and enjoy many other activities. These courses are adapted to suit the abilities of each child and can be done at any of the resort’s three sectors (Grau Roig, Encamp and Pas de la Casa). 

However, children must be appropriately equipped with all of the necessary gear, including warm clothing, gloves, goggles and suitable footwear and any other items they may require. These can be brought from home, or hired at the resort. All of the children’s programmes include lunch and are led by monitors and specialist child-carers, who will make sure the youngsters stay safe and enjoy themselves at all times.

At the Kids Forest Circuits, everything is designed to ensure maximum fun and enjoyment for your little ones!

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