Vichy thermal water shower at the Hotel Carlemany Thermal Spa

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Rebalance your body and mind at the Hotel Carlemany Spa, where you can enjoy curative, relaxing or calming thermal therapies that will restore your body's vitality and youth.

We're offering you a thermal therapy which, although it originates from further afield, our experts at the Carlemany Spa deliver to perfection as a relaxation treatment and a curative therapy in one.

The Vichy shower is a hydrotherapeutic treatment that consists of applying various showers that act simultaneously from head to toe. Depending on the aim of each jet, the pressure and temperature of the thermal water is regulated accordingly.

This thermal therapy aims to reduce stress and enable muscle relaxation, as the pressure of the water acts as lymphatic drainage, reducing tension and improving vascular refill and blood circulation. Another curious thing about the treatment is that the properties of the thermal water help keep your skin well-hydrated and toned.

If you decide to try out the Vichy shower, you'll notice its relaxing and soporific effects, which will leave you feeling as good as new.

A real treat for your senses!

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