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What better way to 'conclude' your holidays, than by enjoying the  best health spa for couples: You'll unwind your body and mind as well as strengthen your relationship!
Would you like to know what they are? Keep reading!

Well-being treatments:
After a long day shopping, never-ending mountain walks and countless activities... Now it's time to stop, your body needs a break!
For that, there's nothing better than having one of our reinvigorating treatments that you'll find in our specialist centres: anti-inflammatory body wraps, Thai massages with Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, Acupressure, relieving massages, lymphatic drainage, seaweed treatments, etc. Infinite possibilities to restore  balance and well-being to your body!

Hot Springs
Following our line of rejuvenating treatments, don't miss the chance to try our massages and treatments using hot springs that you will find in establishments such as the Caldea Thermoludic Spa or Inuu, among others. You'll benefit from thermal pools from 32°C and 34°C, swan-neck fountains, waterfalls, jacuzzis, as well as bubble baths, Indo-Roman baths, "Hammam" baths and hundreds of more offers!

However, if you prefer something more intimate, at Inuu you will not only enjoy more privacy but also personalised treatment: submerge yourselves in thermal waters that flow close to 70°C, rich in sulphur and other minerals that provide countless benefits to your body. Furthermore, you also have a "lounge" area at your disposal, with warm hammocks where you can relax listening to soothing music whilst sipping refreshments. In Inuu, you will also have use of a cabin area, where you have a wide variety of treatments. The benefits are endless!

"Beauty" Treatments
Alternatively, for those who like taking care of themselves, as well as their general well-being, we recommend our beauty treatments for two! We all want to be perfect for our partners, for that reason, we suggest an aesthetic treatment that will bring back your youthful glow as well as provide more energy and well-being: peelings, messages with essential oils, hydrating wraps, toning and remodelling; you will also receive a reflexology treatment, facial masks, manicures, pedicures and many more.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”
Moreover, for lovers of relaxation techniques and exercise with your partner, you have to try the "Yoga couples": to relax your body and mind whilst also achieving better flexibility, balance and mutual understanding through practising hundreds of postures from the "Asana in Sanskrit"

For the most romantic...
Finally, if your only wish is to enjoy relaxing in the company of your better half, in our Spa and Wellness centres you will benefit from countless treatments - relaxing massages with essential oils, chocolate-therapy, or aromatherapy sessions - you will be transported to your very own Nirvana!

There's more...
If the treatment is not quite what you wanted, or you simply fancy a little extra, we suggest you extend your relax session and book a private jacuzzi for two: complete with rose petals, Cava and strawberries! 
Similarly, for the connoisseurs, you can end your evening by booking a room and romantic meal in any of these centres. You will have a truly unforgettable experience! Check here for further details.

Go on, treat yourself!

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