Ayurveda Rituals

Rituals Ayurvèdics

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At the Spa Hotel Grau Roig they have the key to decipher the secrets of Indian ancestral medicine. Medicinal plants, aromatic essences, exotic incenses … the Ayurveda rituals will reveal all of the steps to achieve skin of unbeatable beauty. Choose yours…


50-minute cranial massage based on Ayurveda oils that will contribute to your physical and mental relaxation and the activation and nutrition of your scalp.


85-minute massage that refreshes and relaxes the body, contributing to controlling itchy and sore skin. An ideal treatment to improve the blood circulation, to reduce sweating and choking and to eliminate toxins. It is also a perfect anti-cellulite. 


85-minute massage that contributes to calming the mind, nourishing the skin and tissues and relaxing the body. It is especially recommended for reducing the imbalances caused by the air element: hair dryness, nervousness, osteoarthritis, constipation, insomnia… 

UDVARTANA, depurative and reaffirming

A 80-minute massage that stimulates the body’s metabolic processes. It contributes to eliminating toxins and to assimilating nutrients. It is highly reaffirming so it is especially recommended for treating cellulitis.

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