Canòlich II picnic area, Sant Julià de Lòria

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The Canòlich II picnic area is one of the rest areas you will find on the CS600 road, next to one with a similar name located by the Sanctuary of La Mare de Déu and another slightly higher up, in the Solana del Lloser. It is situated exactly 1,566 metres above sea level and although it is not a very large area it provides enough space for a brief stop along the way, either if you are travelling through this area on the road by car or bicycle, or on foot following the local paths. Sitting at a table in this rest area you will enjoy panoramic views over the landscape of Sant Julià de Lòria and of other summits of Andorra.

It has 2 tables with seats, 2 barbecues and a drinking water supply with which you can refresh yourself and fill the canteen. You will find it at the 4.27 kilometre point on the CS600.

Before visiting a picnic site, check its status at the tourist information office of the parish in question.

In the event of an incident, call 112.

Finally, we also wanted to let you know that Andorra has more than 50 picnic and snack areas spread across all the parishes. Click on the link below and pick the one you like the look of most!

Check out the state of the country’s picnic areas at this link.


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