Moments: “We Are Tartera”

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+280 / -280

“We Are Tartera” (“Som Tartera”) is one of the Moments: wellness walks. It is designed particularly for business teams and groups of people who wish to work to achieve goals. The experience is therefore intended to answer the questions that all teams must ask to achieve their purpose: Where are we heading? How do we get there? Who are we going with?

“We Are Tartera” invites moments of reflection to enhance those things that make you a team, while working towards common goals and objectives.

A guide-interpreter will help you to discover the natural surroundings of the Enclar valley, the stage upon which the plan is developed through a series of team dynamics, which make the most of the natural elements along the way. The Enclar valley in Andorra la Vella is a little frequented area of remarkable beauty and great heritage value to the Andorran capital, as it is located just a short distance from the village of Santa Coloma, with its Romanesque church, the only one in Andorra with a round bell tower.

To follow “We Are Tartera”, each group member will be equipped with a map-guide featuring indications of how to go about the different dynamics.

The “We Are Tartera” walk is ideally taken from mid-spring, summer and to autumn, but can also be done in winter. Whatever season you choose, you should go properly equipped (shoes and clothing) and check the day’s weather conditions.

Enjoy an enriching personal experience in a group, whether from the firm, or with friends or family.

The “We Are Tartera” Moments: wellness walk can only be booked at the Andorra la Vella tourist office, where you will be informed of the steps to follow and the corresponding rates.