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Crta. de la Rabassa km. 8
La Rabassa

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Located in the Conangle Area at an altitude of 2,000 m in Naturland, the Farm Area has several pens where the most common farm animals of our country can be found. You can find everything from mammals, such as rabbits, Vietnamese pigs and sheep, to birds, such as chickens and geese, among many others.

An interactive visit

Specially designed for children to have fun and learn, our animal pens are reduced size with room for few animals, meaning little ones can get close to them.

Children will enjoy a unique experience, as they will not only learn all about the lives of our farmyard animals, but they will also be able to interact with them, touching or stroking them, giving them the chance to feel their various coats and textures.

The activity is carried out under the supervision of a specialist monitor who will teach the children all about each animal and how important it is to respect them: children will have an exciting, unforgettable experience while learning about the life and behaviour of our farm animals.

More information and other details

This activity is designed for children of all ages and is included in any of the tickets available at the centre.

Finally, you should know that you can complement your trip with a trip to the Nature Classroom and the guided Secrets of the Forest route, both also included in the same Conangle Area.

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