Mountain route: Cercle d'aigua





Feda Cultura is setting you a new activity: "Cercle d'aigua" – based on climbing up to each of Andorra’s five natural lakes with a dam (L’IllaJuclarCabana SordaRiu Valley Dam and Engolasters) – this circular mountain route also offers breathtaking views, stays in Andorra’s most iconic shelters and the opportunity to test out your stamina in the mountains.

In 5 stages or 3 weekends

The stages of this route are varied and of different difficulty levels. You will cover a total of 73.3 km (45 1/2 miles), with an overall ascent of 4,600 m (15,000 ft). For this reason, we recommend that you complete the route over three consecutive weekends (in six stages), or in five consecutive days (one day per stage), for the fittest participants.

The Cercle d'aigua route begins at the MW Museum of Electricity and continues along well-signposted paths and tracks. You will explore the Madriu Valley, the Cercle de Pessons, the Incles Valley and the Riu Valley, and when the sun goes down, you will rest at the L’Illa and Juclar shelters during the first stages, and in tourist accommodation in the villages of Ransol and Canillo in the latter stages. 

Don’t forget that, before beginning the route, you need your Cercle d'aigua passport (available from the Museum of Electricity) and to have booked your place to stay for each stage of your journey!

Once you’ve finished the route…

To show that you have successfully completed the challenge, take a selfie at each of the totems placed at every stage of the route and upload the photos to your social media! You will also need to present your passport, duly stamped at each stage. Once your information has been checked, you will receive a gift and a certificate proving you completed the challenge from the MW Museum of Electricity!

More information and details:

You are advised to complete this route during the summer, due to weather conditions. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are appropriate for mountain walking.
To find out more, check out the Feda Cultura website.

Finally, if you'd like to try this route but don't fancy stopping overnight along the way, you can also try the Cercle d'aigua challenge. This itinerary also takes you to these five natural lakes, but without having to spend the night in a refuge or tourist accommodation.

So… Challenge accepted?


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