Hiking trail: Port de Siguer i estany Blau

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4.450 m




+611 m / -59 m

The path to Port de Siguer is one of the cross-border route used by both people and animals over the years. The ease with which it winds its way through the Rialb valley to the foot of the pass makes it a pleasant route through the landscape.

The path starts at the Parc Natural de la Vall de Sorteny (Sorteny Valley Nature Park) car park. From here, take the path towards the Rialb valley, in the opposite direction to the park. The path continues for a long stretch until you reach Font Freda. After passing the free Rialb refuge, cross a metal bridge taking you to the junction with the path that leads to the Banyell pass. Continue on your way towards Port de Siguer, leaving behind a shepherd’s hut on the right and beginning to zigzag up a steep slope. 

Once you reach the head of this border pass, the panoramic view of the French and Andorran valleys is exceptional and from here you can already see Estany Blau lake at the foot of the Pic de Thoumassat mountain. Over the border in France, the path is no longer indicated by yellow dots. Instead, follow the path to the lake, passing by small stone markers along the way.

In the summer, there can be fog on the French side, so venturing to the lake is not recommended.

For your safety, we recommend doing all routes above 1700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. Weather and terrain conditions permitting, however, the season can run from May to October.

You’ll find more details about this and other routes in the Trails of Andorra Hiking Guide.