Hiking in Andorra

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Hiking is the perfect activity to soak up the natural landscape around you and uncover the mysteries that nature hides in the mountains. Andorra offers a wide range of different hiking routes for all levels across three nature parks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, there is a route that suits your needs. In addition, all paths are marked and signposted with painted marks or wooden signposts to help you on your way. Considered to be some of Europe’s most thrilling trails, here are the most symbolic places you can visit while hiking in Andorra.

Most symbolic places to go hiking in Andorra

Parque Natural del Valle del Sorteny

Sorteny Nature Park is a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since October 2020 and is home to a wide range of living beings such as chamois, roe deers, marmots and wild boars as well as different types of birds and butterflies, all surrounded by a unique environment with wetlands and ancient forests. Moreover, the park also features a cosy lodge with restaurant services that can be visited in both summer and winter.

In addition to this, guided thematic tours, commonly known as eco-tourist trails, are freely available in the park throughout the year for a perfect hiking experience in Andorra.

Valle del Madriu-Perafita-Claror

There are several routes where you can go hiking in this nature park, so you can surely contemplate some rare or even endangered animals and plant species as well as their natural habitat.

Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley provides you with the opportunity to go hiking across one of its most fascinating trails, the Coronallacs route, a circular hiking route around 90 km long, connecting the four staffed shelters in Andorra. In addition, there are more activities available within this route such as climbing, fishing, hunting, mountain skiing, horse riding and snowshoeing.

Parque Natural Comunal Valls de Comapedrosa

Comapedrosa Natural Park is Andorra’s highest peak at 2,942 m. Its main feature is its imposing high mountain landscape formed by forests, lakes and waterfalls. Due to its extensive network of hiking routes and high mountain huts, a large number of excursions can be run here while contemplating the rich flora and fauna of the area.

At Comapedrosa, you can enjoy several hiking routes including Pla d’Estany, a moderate difficulty route, or Tomb al Riu Pollós, categorised as an easy route, and home to foxes, badgers or marteens, among other living things.

To get a first-hand experience of Comapedrosa Natural Park, we recommend you to stop by our visitor’s centre where you can find interesting information about this amazing natural park.

Andorra's Hiking Trails Maps

VisitAndorra’s hiking trail maps come with all kinds of useful information – as well as a geographical map, you also get the route’s duration, difficulty rating, altitude, flora and fauna, and the mountain shelters available along the way and a description of each of its stages.

You can purchase the Paths of Andorra guide in paper format with 101 itineraries at any Andorran Tourist Office for €7. (Guide edited in CAT, ESP, FRA and ENG).

Also, the online factsheet has factual information about the hiking trails, and the office can be filtered by location (Encamp, La Massana, Canillo, Andorra la Vella, etc) by trip time or by skill level (from easy to expert). Each trail has a downloadable track map and a helpful altitude graph.

You can also obtain information about the activities and points of interest at one of Andorra’s Tourist Offices.

Come and enjoy hiking with the best views in Andorra!

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