Hiking route: Circular Coll de Turer

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8.480 m


Sehr schwer


+655m / -655m

This is a challenging circular excursion that consists of aerial sections, ridges, and steep climbs and descents, which will give you views of magnificent landscapes.

The path starts at Coll de la Botella, at 2,069 m, where the "storm in a teacup” sculpture by the artist Denis Oppenheim (N42 33.112 E1 27.283) is located.

You will take the path and follow the red and yellow GRP markers to the Col de Turer, where you will find a wooden sign that will show the way to Pal (N42 34.731 E1 29.182).

From this point, you will begin the descent to reach Pal: one of the best preserved villages in the country, with its Romanesque church dedicated to St Clément.

You will re-join the CG4 route, which you will climb until you reach the start of the Cardeneller path, which ascends to the Font del Bisbe, one of the many fountains in Andorra.

Once you are here, you just need to follow the route uphill to Coll de la Botella.