Hiking route: Camí de Juberri a la Rabassa






5,47 km


+700 m

This hiking route is a great option for exploring the forest of La Rabassa in Andorra, a place of great natural beauty in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria and close to the border with Catalonia. It starts at Juberri, a small town about 1,350 m above sea level. This page offers a summary of the most interesting parts of the tour and lets you download detailed information about the route in different formats.

Basic details of the route

This route runs along the road from Juberri to La Rabassa and is classed as ‘moderate difficulty’, so should be suitable for all types of hikers. The route is linear can be completed in about four hours, 2 for the climb and 1 and a half for the descent. In total, the route covers nearly five and a half kilometres with a total height difference of 700 meters.

The route is well signposted, mainly with yellow and red marks, as the route is actually a short stage of the GRP, the Long Route trail that goes all the way around the Principality of Andorra.

The route passes near the Naturland eco-park, open all year round and offering a range of activities, especially for children. In Juberri you can also discover an amazing contemporary garden, with original sculptures in perfect harmony with nature.

Fauna and flora on the route through La Rabassa

Keep your eyes peeled during your walk and have your camera or binoculars at the ready as you might be able to spot some of the fauna of La Rabassa. The common or least weasel is a good example, living here alongside the fox, but you might find it difficult to spot this elusive mammal, though you can sometimes see its droppings. If you look up at the sky or the tree branches, you might be surprised to see warblers, blue tits or robins.

As for the local flora, you can spot cherry trees, whose flower adds a special colour once the winter cold has passed. You’ll also be able to see countryside maples, which are not all that common in Andorra. Pear trees, apple trees and ash trees are other species you can find on the route, which also crosses tobacco fields, one of the most important economic activities in the Principality.

Downloads and detailed route information

This page lets you download detailed information on the route in two different formats: GPX, if you have a GPS tracks reader, or PDF, if you prefer to carry a printed document during your visit. The PDF gives detailed information on intersections, turns, changes of direction and other practical details to avoid getting lost. You can also purchase the Andorra Hiking Guide, on sale at all tourist offices in the Principality. One of the 54 fact sheets included in this comprehensive guide is on this route between Juberri and La Rabassa. 


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