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From this viewpoint, you can see the stockbreeding activity of Andorra, which along with the agriculture, was the principal base of the country's economy until the 20th century. Although this activity has diminished, you can still see cows, sheep, horses and goats.

Another interesting point of this viewpoint is the hazel, which grows on damp lands at altitudes of between 1,300 and 1,700 metres. In its herbaceous undergrowth, there are two types of contradictory herbs: one is liverwort, which is used for medicinal purposes, and the other is the stinking hellebore, which is very dangerous because of its toxicity. 

This viewpoint is adapted to facilitate universal accessibility and information. It offers content in Braille, palpable reliefs and QR codes, which offer descriptions in signs language and locutions for people with visual and hearing disabilities in various languages. In addition, its design allows the access of people with reduced mobility.

You will find more information about this and other guided walking routes in the Andorra Mountain Guide.

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Hotel Bringué

The hotel is located in el Serrat, in the parish of Ordino and 5 kilometres from the Ordino Arcalís ski resort.

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Rialb Hut

The Rialb Hut is between la Rabassa and Rialb, on the left of the Rialb river in the parish of Ordino. 

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Aparthotel Rialb

The aparthotel stands in natural surroundings in the village of Serrat, a few kilometres away from the Ordino Arcalís ski resort.

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Hotel Xalet Bringué

The modernity of the concept and the facilities of the Hotel Xalet Bringué guarantee that your stay will be perfect.

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Besalí Hut

Besalí is found in Canya de la Rabassa, in the parish of Ordino, at an altitude of 2080 metres.

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Borda de Sorteny Hut

The Borda de Sorteny Shelter is located in Ordino inside the Sorteny Valley Natural Park, right above the grazing area with the same name.

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