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The Andorra hiking trails are famous in Europe and beyond, and for good reason. This diminutive principality may be on the small side, but its incredible Pyrenean location, sandwiched between Spain and France, with mountainous terrain and stunning scenery, means there's more than enough for walkers, both amateur or professional, to sink their boots into. There's plenty of information to help you choose the level of difficulty that suits you best according to fitness and experience, and with levels ranging from easy, medium, difficult and expert-level, there's something for everyone.

European Long-distance Paths

For the more ambitious or experienced walker, Andorra has five of these E-Paths, that are well worth putting in the leg work! Andorra forms part of the Pyrenean Grande Route, which leads across the Pyrenees from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, with the Andorran section begins at an altitude of 2,545 metres. The GR7, which stretches from Greece to Gibraltar, also has a stunning 40km leg through Andorra, entering in France and popping up in Catalonia. Both of these are tough trails, but if you're looking for something to really put yourself to the test, the 107km GRP Andorra is the one for you. This week of hiking is classified as very difficult, takes in the whole of Andorra and is divided into seven fabulous stages. You get to stay in some of Andorra's incredible mountain refuges en route, and even receive a Diploma from the Ministry of Tourism for your efforts!

If that sounds a little too tiring for your tastes, there are also some excellent moderate trails to enjoy, such as the Three Nations, which as you might expect, takes in France, Spain and Andorra in about 24 hours of wonderful walking. Alternatively, La Volta als Estanys, or tour around the lakes, is a breathtaking trail around some of Andorra's most incredible scenery.

Andorran Footpaths

If you're thinking about something that's a little easier on the legs, or maybe you want to bring the whole family along to spend a whole day in Andorra's incredible countryside and landscapes, there are plenty of footpaths to choose from that won't require as much planning or exertion. There are a multitude of lovely walks with an elevation of between 100 and 300 metres, taking only a few hours to complete. Perfect for littler legs and for working up an appetite in that incredible mountain air.

If you want to enjoy the mountains and see some of the stunning little villages Andorra is so renowned for, walks such as the Tomb del Turer are perfect, or the Camí de l’Obac d’Incles, which passes through Andorra's ancient glacial valleys and allows you to see the Grandvalira Ski Resort on your way back. There are also fabulous walks around the lakes, such as the Estany Primer de Pessons. The Pessons are made up of about twenty lakes and ponds, all close together, but you can choose how far you go! These spots are absolutely perfect for getting your picnic out, pulling your boots off and taking in the incredible scenery unfolding around you.

You can even choose walks that will take you from the solitude of the countryside to the hustle and bustle of the capital. Camí Ral and Rec del Solà has two sections, so you can enjoy the mountains and maybe bring a picnic, before finishing in Andorra La Vella - the perfect chance to enjoy a hearty (well-deserved) meal or a few refreshing drinks to finish off the perfect day.

If its Andorra hiking trails you're looking for, you're spoilt for choice in terms of location, variety, challenge and accommodation. Grab your boots, we're off!

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