4x4 buggies at Pal Arinsal Mountain Park

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The routes designed for these buggy outings pass through low-difficulty mountain tracks, always following a road-book.

Among the different options available, the most interesting ones are:

The “Cubil” route, where you'll climb up to the highest peak of Pal Arinsal resort—Peak Cubil. This summit, which is 2,358 metres above sea level, has some of the most spectacular views in all of the Principality. The duration of the route is one hour.

If you don't have that much time, or you simply prefer a shorter route, Pal Arinsal's Mountain Park also offers a second option: the “Pla de la Cot” route. It lasts 30 minutes and the route is much easier, making it the best option for those trying their hand for the first time in the world of 4x4 and off-road driving.

All of Pal Arinsal's 4x4 Buggy routes have been designed for all ages and can be enjoyed in spring and summer alike.

Have a 4x4 adventure in Pal Arinsal Mountain Park!