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See the geological culture of the highest peak in Andorra impregnated with the magic of its monuments.  In la Massana, stones and magic go hand in hand.

  • Storm in a teacup

A sculpture by Dennis Oppenheim for the 25th anniversary of Caixa Andorrana de la Seguretat Social, located at Coll de la Botella pass in Pal. It symbolises the hidden magic which beats in the force of nature, and inverts the logic of problems: in this grandiose scale, a large problem in a small context becomes a small problem in a large context.

  • La Gran Fita

The sculpture ‘La gran fita’, or the great landmark, by Joan Canal (Berga) is an iron sculpture that surrounds three stones: “one from the screes of the Comapedrosa, the other from the Valira River and the last, the roundest, from the sea”.  These are three travelling stones that symbolise the journey that the stones make from the screes to the sea.

The artist says he found inspiration in a large stone of a hundred tons that he had always seen in the river since he was a child. With the passing of the years, this large stone had moved around a hundred metres and on its way had begun to become round and smooth.

The Comapedrosa landmark is a long journey from the summit to the sea.  The sculpture that crowns the highest peak in Andorra stands in the middle of a panoramic table that will show hikers all of the surroundings from the highest summit of Andorra.

Enjoy art and nature while visiting these sculptures!

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