Learning through culture

Ort und Kontakt

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A wide variety of museums here includes four interpretation centres, where you will discover a part of Andorra’s past and its rural surroundings. You will also learn about the processes for transforming iron in the Pyrenees, the meaning behind some of the icons in the painted murals of the 12th century and how our natural landscapes were formed.

Farga Rossell is a working example of a Catalan forge dating back to the 19th century with its structure still intact and showing how the mineral was transformed into iron ingots.

Lastly, the Romanesque secrets are unveiled at the Espai Columba, an institution dedicated to religious art, mostly from the 12th century. There you will learn how the pigments for mural paintings were made and the techniques used to build the Romanesque temples.

Visit the Interpretation Centres, and learning won’t be as boring as you think!