Juberri contemporary Gardens

Jardins contemporànis de Juberri

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Peace and harmony between the nature of the Pyrenees and contemporary sculptures: that's what you’ll find at the Juberri Gardens, in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria. This cosy green space created in 2005 by a family from the town is one of the most original parts of the Principality of Andorra. The perfect option for lovers of art and everyone who feels a special affinity with the plant world. Here we tell you all the most interesting facts about these unique gardens.

A contrast between parterre and the landscape of the Pyrenees

These contemporary gardens are located at an altitude of 1,250 metres, on a hillside that offers some spectacular views overlooking the valley. This panoramic view lets you take in a classic scene of Pyrenean nature and at the same time enjoy the striking contrast with these specially crafted gardens. This small green space is home to vegetation and woodland typical of the area, but adds French-inspired geometric touches like a parterre, an example of man’s control over nature. Perfectly shaped waterfalls, hedges and bushes are just some of the elements that can be admired here. All this in a brief-but-fascinating route surrounded by contemporary sculptures.

Impressive gardens surrounded by sculptures

One of the great attractions of the Juberri Gardens are, of course, the sculptural decorations, designed mostly by Ángel Calvente. These artistic creations are very diverse, with a dominating theme of animals. Horses, sheep, elephants and species from different parts of the world, highlighting the contrast with the surrounding valleys. Some of them are very realistic representations of gorillas, panda bears and giraffes, among others, turning the place into a one-of-a-kind animal park, frozen in time.

The best example of how contemporary art can coexist in perfect harmony with nature, though, are the giant hand sculptures that seem to hold up trees in the garden by their trunk, as though they were subtle flower stalks. You can also see groups of statues of humans and even scale models of Andorran stone churches.

Exact location of the Gardens

The exact location of the gardens is Urbanització Juberri 66, less than 3 miles from the town of Sant Julià de Lòria. It’s just a few steps away from Sant Esteve de Juberri Church, a beautiful yet humble example of Romanesque art in Andorra. Naturland eco-park is just a few miles away too, so the gardens make for an interesting stop on the way there or back from the adventure centre for the whole family. Some hiking and cycling trails pass by very close to the gardens, such as the one that connects the location with the forest of La Rabassa. For more information about opening hours and prices, you can go to the Sant Julià de Llòria Tourist Office, located in Plaça Laurèdia. 

Finally, access to the Juberri Gardens is free.

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