Contemporary architecture in Escaldes-Engordany

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Andorran architecture is becoming more and more modern. New buildings today represent the youngest and most innovative spirit of the country. In Escaldes-Engordany you will find some examples.

  • Caldea

Caldea was designed by French architect Jean-Michel Ruols, a water architecture specialist and master of the paradoxical art of building solid elements from a liquid element such as water. The immense project initially covered 31,000 m2 , including a 6,000 m2 dome running 80 metres high and 65 metres wide, and required advanced building techniques normally seen in large cities. The building has unique shapes with straight and vertical lines, giving it a very dynamic shape. The façade covered with translucent glass, helps to give a more natural style to the construction by making the whole not only reminiscent of minerals and water, but also turning the building into a giant mirror, which reflects the environment around it.

As for its interior, the lagoon stands out with waterfalls located at different heights, inspired by Turkish geological formations.

Finally, in 2013, the building was expanded to house the new Inúu centre, a space designed solely for the enjoyment of adults. With Inúu, the desire was to give continuity to the building's forms of the existing spa centre building making for perfect synergy and maximum integration of the new extension, but with a touch of modernity thanks to evolving construction techniques and materials. By combining architecture and water, Ruols has managed to provide the building with a global, coherent and harmonious architectural image.


This is an urban renewal cultural space that recovers areas of the Valira riverbanks and the spot between Engordany and La Tosca bridges. This comprehensive project was determined by the location, as well as the presence of hot water springs, the Roc del Metge spring, the washing places and the natural access to Madriu valley, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2004 in the cultural landscape category.

The architecture projects onto the Escaldes-Engordany urban landscape through its shapes and materials, rising above the road, and the extensive use of glass lends it a contemporary feel.

Delve into the country’s contemporary history!

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