Andorra Motorcycle Museum


The Andorra Motorcycle Museum is a magical place where decades of history are packed into 654 square metres, with some fascinating motorcycles. This museum is a must for all motor enthusiasts and for curious people in general. The museum is located in Canillo, in a hall just a few meters away from the car park of Sant Joan de Caselles church. Here we offer the highlights of the museum, the features that make it a unique collection of motorcycles.

A museum where you can feel the history

The Andorra Motorcycle Museum is chock-full of history with a hint of that gasoline smell any motoring fan can spot a mile off. The models on display here and the accompanying photographic material will transport visitors to the 20th century: from the early years, when the vehicle was first introduced to society, up to the latest decades, when technological advances and modern design trends radically changed their look and features.

The Andorra Motorcycle Museum collection

The Museum displays dozens of models from different manufacturers and ages, from a range of countries —the oldest is from 1896 and the most recent from 2013—, as well as miniature reproductions and other small curios related to the world of motorcycling. 

One of the oldest models on display in this spectacular gallery is the Française-Diamant, a 1900 model from France with a 1 cm3 engine with a basic design. After lighting the boiler, its piston needed 30 minutes to start working. It’s only known example of its type. After that, a sporty, sophisticated 1915 Cleveland will whisk you off to the US.

It’s in the next decade when you start to see models with much larger cylinder capacity, like the 500 cm3 BMW R42. One of the most striking models is the Majestic Motormobile, from France, dated 1930, with a very personal aesthetic that’s quite unique. Of course, you’ll also find Vespas from Italy: one museum model on display is a 125 cm3 from 1952, among many others.

Models by Bultaco and Montesa in the 60s are worthy representatives of the Spanish industry, some of which were used for high-level competition. There’s also a spectacular 1974 Harley Davidson from the US, with 1,200 cm3 cylinder capacity.

The collection ends in the 80s and 90s, where the racing and off-road models add even more variety to this rich collection: these include the Ducati SBK and the KTM Raid bike that Cyril Despres practised on before the Paris-Dakar Rally that he went on to win!

Visiting the museum

The museum capacity is limited to 150 people. You can visit individually or in groups, with guided tours lasting approximately 45 minutes, in four different languages: Catalan, French, Spanish and English. This establishment is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

The Andorra Motorcycle Museum is a member of the Andorra PassMuseu card, offering a 50% discount on entrance.

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