L’Ànima del bosc

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C/ del Coll d’Ordino, Ed. Ramonguem, 2-4

(+376) 326 664

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With a strong desire to enhance the biodiversity of the mountains of Andorra and make the wealth of the country’s natural heritage more accessible, L’Ànima del bosc prepares and develops plant-based products.

Through the harvesting of fresh plants and with extensive training in natural health and phytotherapy (plant-based medicine), they offer 100% Andorran artisanal products made with birch sap. Known to bring a host of benefits to our bodies, birch sap contains numerous minerals and trace elements, including iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins B and C, as well as having many other properties that help us improve our health. It is therefore not surprising that the use of birch in healthcare is one of the most widespread traditions among northern European populations.

Although the star product of L’Ànima del bosc is birch sap, they also make other products, such as macerates with shoot glycerines, mother tinctures and various herbal infusions; all by extracting the properties of the various plants available in the biotope of Andorra’s valleys.

L’Ànima del bosc is more than 1300 m above sea level, where all the healing properties of Andorra’s forests can be extracted to the maximum.

Enjoy the best birch sap in the hands of L’Ànima del bosc