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C/ Contrapàs, 7
Santa Coloma

(+376) 646 630

El Batall is a newly-created cheese shop with its own dairy in Santa Coloma.

The company is aware of the need to care for and protect the environment, which is why all of its products are made with organic milk obtained directly from Brown Alpine cows that graze in the high mountain pastures. El Batall’s products are made entirely by hand using artisanal methods: from collecting the fresh milk, transforming it into dairy products, and carefully monitoring the products throughout the maturing process.

The company’s specialities include cured cheeses and other products such as fresh cheese and spreadable cheese.

Dairy tours:

If you’re a cheese lover and would like to know how one of the country’s finest artisan cheeses is made, you’ll be pleased to hear that El Batall offers guided tours of its dairy. During the tour you’ll find out how the company creates all of its dairy products, from start to finish, and learn all about the cheesemaking profession.

At El Batall you’ll enjoy distinctive and delicious flavours!