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Casa Raubert

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When it was built back in the 16th century, Casa Raubert was a traditional manor house whose farmland was used for both crops and the raising and pasturing of livestock to be sold at market. Now, Casa Raubert plays host to Andorra’s only artisanal cheese dairy. Lucia and Pablo are its master cheesemakers. They ensure that the family’s rustic values and pastoral traditions are reflected in each and every one of their delicious products.

Discover the dairy’s artisanal products

The cheeses made at Casa Raubert are known as ‘shepherd’s cheeses’ because they are made exclusively with milk from sheep and cows from the local area. What sets Casa Raubert’s products apart from other shepherd’s cheeses is the fact that its flock is entirely made up of sheep from the Assaf breed, which are highly prized for their excellent-quality milk. This not only imbues their products with a special flavour, but also offers a number of health benefits, given that it contains 20% more omega-6 and a lower proportion of saturated fats!

Casa Raubert produces a very wide range of artisanal cheeses. The categories include mature cheeses like Orri, Conlloc and Pletiu; fresh cheeses like Cossol, which is perfect with both sweet and savoury pairings; whey and cottage cheeses, which are lower in fat, including the renowned mató variety; spreadable cheeses, such as Empriu; Boïga, which is matured at a temperature of between 5 and 10ºC; and, finally, yoghurt, made with only the creamiest milk. A wide variety of products that will please even the most demanding of palates!

One of Casa Raubert’s gourmet recommendations is to pair its soft cheeses with light wines and its hard cheeses with stronger wines to create the perfect contrast of flavours!

Guided tours, tastings and workshops for families

If you want to learn more about the wonderful world of cheese, why not go on one of the guided tours organised by the dairy? You’ll see how they prepare some of the cheeses in the workroom and witness their amazing development in the cellars. You can also attend a tasting of the various varieties made by the master cheesemakers. The unique flavours and aromas of their cheeses pair perfectly with the jams and honeys produced in the area.  Tours can be organised for groups of between 8 and 20 people with advance booking.

If you’re travelling with the family, the master cheesemakers offer a special workshop in which children can be become cheesemakers for a day. Your children will visit both the workroom and the cheese cave, and prepare a small mató cheese to take home with them as a souvenir. The workshops are organised for families or small groups of at least 6 children. They are subject to the availability of the necessary raw materials and must be booked in advance.

Mossecs d’Andorra: traditional gifts

At the Casa Raubert cheese dairy, they know that the best souvenir of Andorra is its essence. This is why they offer gift baskets featuring not only their own cheeses, but also a wide range of other Andorran products. In these Mossecs d’Andorra boxes of delights, you will also find Cal Jordi sausages, Casa Gendret jams, Autèntics honey and Xocland chocolates and confectionery. Choose the products you want to take home and enjoy with your nearest and dearest.

Casa Raubert is a must for cheese lovers!

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