Rice with pork confit


Pork was often the main dish in Andorran homes. Preserving it after slaughter was one way we had to conserve it to eat it all year round. However, looking at the archaeological remains of the Middle Ages, one might think that pigs were hardly eaten in these valleys, as almost no remains of bones were found. The reason is that they were made into all kinds of utensils. As the saying goes, with a pig nothing is wasted.

Confit (conservation) is a simple technique used since ancient times that is obtained by frying pork, usually ribs, with oil at low temperature, and once it is preserved, it is stored in containers, which were traditionally clay jars.

The recipe we suggest is a sample of the tradition of food preservation, so it is consumed the whole year round, and in this case, it is pork with rice.  A nutritious dish that is made all over our territory and very practical to take away from your home to work or for a picnic.


Preparation for 4 people:

First, fry the bacon strips in a casserole with a little oil and set it aside.

In the same casserole, fry onion until in the sweet fat and, once it is golden brown, add the finely chopped garlic and parsley.

Then add the chopped tomatoes and the pieces of confit meat.

When you see that the juice is starting to concentrate, add rice and stir while you pour boiling water with a pinch of salt.

Without further ado, place the bacon on top of the rice and cook everything for about 20 minutes (or as long as required). And enjoy!

Ingredients for preparing rice with pork confit (candied)  

-300 g of candied ribs
-200 g of candied sausage
-600 g of rice
-100 g of sweet fat
-1 onion
-3 tomatoes
-3 whole garlic cloves
-3 strips of bacon turned
-1.5 l of water
-1 handful of parsley
-Olive oil
-Salt to taste



This dish is a nutritious recipe made in many areas of our territory and is very practical to take away and does not deteriorate in the heat.