Pears in wine


The recipe we offer you is one of the best known of the so-called wine desserts. In the specific case of pears, they can be eaten at the end of a meal or as an accompaniment to meat dishes, such as duck.

They can also be canned the next day. To do this put the pears and their juice in glass jars and heat them in bain-marie for 20 minutes.  Then let them cool and store them in the pantry.

The pantry or cellar was one of the most important rooms in homes on the border. It used to be in the deepest and coolest part of the ground floor of the house, and in order for the air to flow and the food to be kept as well as possible, a small north-facing window was made, which was protected by a mosquito net and metal bars with spikes.

Other popular desserts prepared with wine, primarily red, rancid or sweet, are peach, strawberries and the ubiquitous bread with wine and sugar, which our godparents made as snacks.


Preparation for 4 people:

Start by peeling the pears, without removing the core. 

Then place the sugar in a saucepan with the wine and water, cloves and cinnamon sticks.

Add the pears to the pan, making sure they are covered in the prepared syrup and boil them for 1-hour at low heat.

Then, let them cool and rest until the following day. A sweet tradition.

Ingredients for preparing peres amb vi:

-800 g of sugar
-400 ml of wine
-800 ml of water
-1 kg of conference or Sant Joan pears
-1 clove
-A few cinnamon sticks



Marinated fruit in wine is a traditional dessert that is easy to prepare and it is full of flavour, which is enhanced by the wine aromas.