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C/ Fiter i Rossell 2, Baixos
Andorra la Vella

(+376) 821 815

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La Fada Ignorant is one of the most charming and magical spots you’ll find in the capital. Defined as a theatre café, it’s a warm, welcoming space where, in particular, you’ll be able to enjoy live music performances. The performances feature musicians from both Andorra as well as neighbouring countries and offer a variety of musical styles where you can hear everything from folk, soul, bossa nova, blues as well as rock and indie, to give just some examples!

La Fada Ignorant is uniquely decorated with lots of personality, where every detail is perfectly complemented with vintage furnishings; you’ll enjoy a real visual spectacle where different materials and textures come together, such as marble, glass, wood, fabric and other metals.

Even though the venue does not have a very large capacity, its interior is divided into several areas, including the main room, with tables and chairs; a small, more intimate private area with sofas and tables; and, last but not least, a space at the foot of the stage, for those wanting an up close and personal concert experience: furnished with sofas and tables, you’ll enjoy your evening of music in total comfort! In addition, the owner’s warm, friendly manner will make you feel right at home.

As for the drinks menu, the venue has a very wide, varied range of options: you’ll be able to order everything from a tea, soft drink or beer to a mojito or any other fancy cocktail! Likewise, although the venue doesn’t have restaurant service, you can still order a snack if you want, as they have a catering service available. This will have to be requested in advance, however.

Other cultural nights at La Fada Ignorant

Finally, living up to its name as a theatre café, other cultural events are also held on certain days of the month, such as silent film evenings, plays, book presentations, interviews, etc.  In that vein, on the last Thursday of each month VEUS (Voices) is organised, an open mic night where music, text and voices will be the stars: you’ll be able to hear the best poetry, stories with music, as well as other text sessions! Don’t miss it!

Opening hours:

La Fada Ignorant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 pm to 3 am. The venue is closed on Mondays.

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