Passeja’m dog centre

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Camí de la Solaneta, Granja Agrícola Jumpere
La Massana

(+376) 340 400

With this pioneering service in Andorra and the highly qualified staff, you won’t have to worry about a thing: Passeja’m dog centre will come to where you are staying, whether it is a hotel or a private apartment or house, and will pick up your pet, returning it to you later in the location that you specify.

On collection, your dog will be settled in an individual trailer, adapted with a custom-made, thermoregulated mattress, to make them feel at home.

With Passeja’m dog centre, you won't have to leave your pet locked up in kennels or in a room in the apartment or hotel. You'll be able to carry out your normal activities, participate in your favourite sport, go shopping or to the cinema, or just enjoy a beautiful evening with complete peace of mind: your dog will be outdoors, and will be able to run around until tired, cool off in the lakes and rivers, and perhaps even make new friends!

The centre

Near the village of Anyós in the parish of La Massana, you will find this dog boarding centre. Since the day it was created, Passeja’m dog centre has been dedicated to looking after your pet’s well-being. Its comfortable premises, complete with heating and air conditioning, are home to a groomer and a vet offering a 24-hour emergency service. There is also a shop at the centre where you can buy the best dog food or a new toy, or even upgrade your furry friend’s bed!

Some of the activities

With Passeja’m dog centre, you set the pace and choose your pet’s activities: games, walks, agility tests, training and a wide range of other options, which can be carried out either individually or in a group. Activities can be booked for a morning or an afternoon, or extended for a full day or several days; and they can have different degrees of difficulty. All these options are available for you to choose from and you only have to decide when you make your reservation. 

In addition, all the routes for the excursions are properly signposted and are listed in the Alpina Trail Andorra guide. The excursions are led by professionals who are specialists in mountain activities, and border rivers and lakes, leading into the high mountains, with geolocation by GPS.

24-hour emergency dog care service

Finally, this centre offers a 24-hour emergency care service: if you can’t look after your dog due to health reasons, an illness or an accident, Passeja’m dog centre can provide a complete care service so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Also, you can see how good a time your “furry friend” is having, this company puts together a small photographic report of the whole excursion, which you can see on its Facebook page and so you'll have a nice memory of your dog’s holiday!

This dog centre can also offer packages that fit your specific needs and is open 365 days a year! Finally, we would note that all dogs are returned brushed (as long as they allow themselves to be) and all your dog’s activity (food, distance walked, incidents, etc.) will be recorded on a daily monitoring card. The company always adapting to the requirements of each customer.

With Passeja’m dog centre, you and your pet will enjoy your holidays like never before!

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