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Guineu Blanca combines mountain guiding with a range of educational workshops. Not only will you discover all the secrets of the Andorran valleys, but you'll also enjoy unique experiences alongside your friends and family.

Hiking and trekking:

Do you like walking in the mountains and taking in the native flora and fauna of Andorra? If so, Guineu Blanca's guided excursions are just the ticket. They have a whole range of options, from excursions for beginners, perfect for days out with the family and children, to more demanding routes: examples include the Casamanya peak, the Estanyó peak or the highest peak in the Principality, the Comapedrosa peak, at an altitude of 2,942 m.

Mountain crossings:

If you're looking for a longer trip where you can spend the night in mountain shelters, Guineu Blanca will be happy to accommodate; as specialists in mountain guiding, they will take you through the most emblematic routes in Andorra: the Coronallacs route, the GR11 or the GRP; you can go on a trip around an entire country!


Walking through the snow and enjoying the silence of the mountain is a unique experience. Why stay at home in winter when you can come and enjoy this amazing activity with Guineu Blanca:  with various levels of difficulty, you can do everything from trips for beginners to more difficult, demanding outings. And if you're a romantic or just want to enjoy a magical experience, ask for an outing under the light of the moon, it will be a night you won't forget! This activity includes snowshoes, sticks and gaiters.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a comprehensive sport which involves using 90% of the body's muscles. Though the main activity is walking, the difficulty is increased because of the technique used, whereby you have to push yourself along with sticks as you walk. Remember that you'll have highly qualified, trained staff to help you, as they are Modern Nordic Walking Academy (MNWA) approved instructors and are part of the Nordic Walking Andorra association.


Andorra is a country with tremendous cultural, architectural and natural heritage. So, if you're a lover of history and want to find out more about how the country came to be, you won't want to miss the Guineu Blanca cultural visit. It offers cultural itineraries in which you learn all about the country's evolution from when it was first founded to the present day, taking a look at its metallurgy era, one of the most important moments that transformed the Andorran economy, customs and society: you'll follow the Romanesque route, the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, and the Iron Route, among a number of other options.

Mindfulness and nature

The daily hustle and bustle, stress and obligations in our lives mean we often end up disconnected from nature, forgetting just how much we need to enjoy these moments to get away from it all and be surrounded by flora and fauna. With the mindfulness and nature excursion, not only will you benefit from all the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of nature but you'll also become more aware of your emotional state, finding balance and returning to your essence.

More information and other details

All excursions can take the form of half a day or a whole day. A minimum of two people is required and group discounts are available.

Finally, apart from all the activities mentioned above, the company also offers several themed workshops where you can learn all about the native flora and fauna, various mountain orienteering techniques and learn how to photograph landscapes like a professional!

Find out more about these other activities by visiting their website.

Book your outing with Guineu Blanca and enjoy an activity that's completely personalised to suit your needs!

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