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Vom 03-07-2020 bis 31-03-2021

The most famous yellow border on the planet comes to Andorra. Discover the National Geographic Yellow Border in our country.

Get ready to photograph “Natural Andorra” framed by the famous National Geographic Yellow Border installed at Lake Engolasters, opposite the dam. Discover this easy-access area of our geography and capture it with your camera. Share the unique experience of taking a photo of yourself in a singular landscape with the most universal symbol of protecting our planet. National Geographic’s unmistakeable icon, the yellow border, is ready and waiting to frame your photographs of the wonderful nature surrounding Engolasters, near the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, at any time of year.

The arrival of the Yellow Border to Andorra is the beginning of a partnership project undertaken with National Geographic to share the natural riches of Andorra with the public at large and allow them to discover the fascinating evolution of flora and fauna in our country over the different seasons of the year.

For 12 months, a National Geographic team led by photographer Jaime Rojo, World Press Photo winner and Wildlife Photographer of the Year, will be engaged in extensive field work to bear witness to the evolution of the landscape and the different animal species that inhabit our country.

Their work will be distributed thorough National Geographic channels and will conclude with a photography exhibition featuring the best images captured over the course of the year.

The National Geographic Society is the largest non-profit scientific and educational organisation in the world. Its mission to “Inspire people to save the planet through geographic knowledge” includes promoting initiatives like this one in Andorra, to allow people to discover the extraordinary life hidden in our forests and mountains.

When we think of National Geographic we think of exploration, discovering our environment, adventure, travel, etc. The iconic Yellow Border is its internationally recognised symbol. It has been framing the magazine's covers since nearly the beginning: the first issue was published in 1888 and the border was added in 1910. It has been the constant window through which the National Geographic Society has been showing the natural wonders of our planet to millions of people for more than 130 years.  

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