Olympus Race Andorra 2022

Vom 24-09-2022 bis 25-09-2022

Discover the thrilling obstacle race

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The third of these obstacle races, combining urban and mountain settings in Escaldes-Engordany.

The race is being held for the third time, maintaining the “Urban Nature” circuit formula, giving participants the chance to discover a little known facet of Andorra in this type of event, with the inclusion of a new challenge: the Cronos Track.

The route for the race will cross the Escaldes-Engordany old town, highlighting the town’s heritage.

Olympus Race 2022 Programme
Zeus 13k Elite. High-difficulty race for experienced athletes, covering 13 km, 25 obstacles and accumulated elevation gain of +700 m. The route mainly includes strength and stamina obstacles. The O.S.O system will be applied, meaning participants need to complete the obstacles, receiving penalties if they fail.
It is a qualifying race for the OCRA Spain National League - OCR North Series, male and female categories.
Atenea 7k Open. Medium-difficulty race over a 7 km circuit. With 15/20 obstacles and an accumulated elevation gain of +300 m over a course focussing on obstacles and strength/stamina. It is timed with penalties in both male and female categories.
Cronos Track. New challenge where athletes have to complete 150 m of obstacles in as short a time as possible, testing their skill, strength, balance and speed to reach the Olympic summit.

Location and dates: Escaldes-Engordany, 24 and 26 September 2022.

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