Vom 19-02-2022 bis 20-02-2022

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Naturland - Grau-Roig - Ordino-Arcalís

(+376) 810 005 / 390 880

The 6th edition of La Travessa dels Refugis offers a programme of ski mountaineering routes designed to suit all levels of ability.

Andorra Skimo: La Travessa dels Refugis has become a firm favourite of the winter calendar that all fans, both at home and abroad, look forward to every year.

The natural scenery the participants get to take in makes Andorra Skimo a truly unique event.

One new feature this year is that Skimo 2 will be open to all audiences (aged 15 or over). Also new is Skimo 8, which will consist of 2 stages: Saturday Skimo 6 + Sunday Skimo 2.

2022 Programme

  • Skimo 2. A route spanning 14 km with a change in elevation of 1,050 m between the Sorteny car park and the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort.
  • Skimo 4. A route spanning 40 km and a change in elevation of 3,000 m, starting at the Grau Roig ski resort and finishing at Ordino-Arcalís.
  • Skimo 6. This route covers 30 km and offers a change in elevation of 2,000 m, starting out from Naturlandia and finishing in Grau Roig.
  • Skimo 8. This race covers two stages, with a total of 44 km and a change in elevation of 3,050 m. The first stage leaves Naturlandia and finishes at Grau Roig, with the second stage leaving from Sorteny car park and finishing in Ordino-Arcalís ski resort.
  • Skimo 10. This race covers two stages, with a total of 70 km and a change in elevation of 5,000 m. The first stage leaves Naturlandia and ends in Grau Roig, while the second sets out from Grau Roig and finished in Ordino-Arcalís.

La Sportiva Andorra Skimo - La Travessa dels Refugis brings back the spirit of ski mountaineering and has become a top attraction for professional and amateur ski mountaineers alike. Participation in all the races is exclusively for teams of two or three people. The trial can be counted towards the Andorran Mountain Ski Cup and the FEEC Catalan Cup.

La Sportiva Andorra Skimo has protocols in place to comply with the ongoing health situation.

Location and dates: Naturlandia, Grandvalira-Grau Roig and Ordino-Arcalís. 19 and 20 February 2022.

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