Andorra Skimo


Vom 22-02-2020 bis 23-02-2020

The 5th edition of La Travessa dels Refugis on mountain skis has a programme of routes tailor made for all fans.

Andorra Skimo: La Travessa dels Refugis has become a regular fixture on the winter calendar that all fans, at home and abroad, await every year.

The extensive programme of races proposed is one of its attractions, as well as the natural settings the participants have to cross, whatever format they enter.

In this 5th edition, these are: Altitude Skimo 2 Junior, a trial reserved exclusively for junior and cadet participants, covering a distance of 14 km from the Sorteny car park to the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort. Skimo 4, with a distance of 40 km and a change in elevation of 3,000 m, starts at the Grau Roig ski resort and finishes at Ordino-Arcalís. Grandvalira Skimo 6 covers 30 km and has a change in elevation of 2,000 m, starting from Naturlandia and finishing at Grau Roig. The Ordino-Arcalís Skimo 10 is disputed over two stages, covers a total of 70 km and has a change in elevation of 5,000 m. The first stage starts from Naturlandia and finishes at Grau Roig. The second stage then leaves from this sector in Grandvalira and finishes at Ordino-Arcalís.

Andorra Skimo: La Travessa dels Refugis, recovers the spirit of ski mountaineering and has become a top attraction for the ski mountaineers, both professional and amateur, who practice this discipline. Participation in all the races is therefore only in teams of two or three people. This trial scores points for the Andorran Ski Mountaineering Cup.

Place and dates: Naturlandia, Grandvalira - Grau Roig and the Ordino-Arcalís resort. 22 and 23 February, 2020. More information and registrations on the website.

Ort und Kontakt


Naturlandia - Grau-Roig - Ordino-Arcalís

(+376) 810 005 / 390 880