Andorra la Vella ( Andorra la Vella )

Andorra la Vella ( Andorra la Vella )

You'll find numerous pharmacies in the centre of the parish of Andorra la Vella, among them Meritxell Pharmacy.

This small pharmacy, which opened in 1989, offers a full range of pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, homeopathic and nutritional products, among others.

The company's highly professional staff are constantly researching new pharmaceutical products from around the world. The Meritxell Pharmacy does not just specialise in importing international products, it also has a large network of suppliers so it can provide customers with products from EU countries such as: Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Our hygiene products

Meritxell Pharmacy offers a wide range of hygiene products developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Janina International Limited. These cosmetics are produced for oral and dental hygiene. Teams of specialists in this field are constantly working to develop new healthy, natural products. Buy one and enjoy one of the most effective products on the market.

For your beauty care

A range of cosmetic and beauty products with brand names such as Leorex, Rodial, Episilk, Replenix, Yu-be and many more are available at Meritxell Pharmacy for your daily beauty care. Pamper yourself and buy your favourite products to show off your body and skin.

Health and nutrition

We all know how important a healthy body is, so if you need advice on looking after yourself both on the inside and the outside, ask about the best dietary and weight-watching treatments on offer. Don't think twice!

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