The process for booking tickets is expected to begin in April. If you have already registered, when the booking process begins, you will receive notification at the email address you provided, giving all the steps to follow to get your tickets.
Once you have registered, you will receive notification to the email address you provided at the start of the booking process, giving all of the steps to follow to get your tickets. You can book up to 5 free tickets with the same email. To book more than 5 tickets, it is not necessary to register more than once. You simply have to repeat the booking process entering a different email at the appropriate time.
These tickets are expected to go on sale in April.
There will be two different prices of ticket with seat available:
Ticket with seat in the stands at a price of €20 (shows from Tuesday to Thursday) and €23 (shows on Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
Package of night in hotel + ticket with seat (the price is set by the hotel)
Free tickets: When you register you shouldn't receive an email advising you that you have subscribed, but, you will soon receive information about the process to follow to book tickets. If you have not received an email with the process, please: Check your junk email or spam folder. Try to register again with the same email in case the process was unsuccessful. If you have registered correctly, a notification will appear informing you that there is already a registered user with that email.
Free tickets: This error occurs when you try to register twice with the same email. If you have already registered, when the booking process begins, you will receive notification to the email address you provided. This email will explain the step-by-step process to follow to get your tickets.
Free tickets: Yes. The booking process starts from scratch each year. You can register with any email that you want.
Free tickets: By registering for the process of booking tickets, you accept the LQPDP (Andorran Personal Data Protection Act) and the legal terms and conditions. You can consult these here.
Free tickets: You will receive an email at the address you used to register, notifying that you may now book tickets, and you will be able to choose the type that you want: free tickets, tickets with a seat or the hotel + ticket package.
Free tickets: Confirm your personal information and create an account with a username and password. After this first step, you will be able to start the process of booking tickets by adding the details of each person who will attend. You will receive an email confirmation of the booking, but you will not be able to download your tickets until 20 days before the day of the event that you have chosen.
Free tickets: Once you complete your booking, a free ticket is automatically generated for the holder. Hence it won't be necessary to introduce the holder's details as an attendee again. This way, the holder can be joined by up to 4 extra attendees, whose data will have to be introduced in the corresponding fields. If the holder is attending the show alone, it won't be required to introduce any data at all. In any case, it is mandatory to select the date.
Free tickets: Yes, with the account you have created you can add or delete tickets at any time until the day of the event.
Free tickets: As long as there are still tickets available for the day you want to book and you still have not printed the tickets, you may change the date.
Free tickets: Below the space to enter the password there is a link to retrieve the password. If you click on the button, your password will be sent to your email address.
Free tickets: Twenty days before the date of the event you will receive an email to download your tickets and you will then only have five days to print these.
Free tickets: No, once you have downloaded the tickets you will not be able to make any changes.
Free tickets: If you try to download your tickets for an event that has already taken place, an error message will appear informing you that this will not be possible.
Free tickets: Yes, they may be printed again anytime.
Free tickets: By using your username and password to enter your account, you can access your booking and reprint the tickets.
Free tickets: You only have five days to print the tickets from the moment you receive the download email for your tickets.
Free tickets: It is essential to bring the printed tickets in order to enter the venue of the event.
FREE TICKETS: We suggest you check the calendar of ticket availability for the other days and make a new reservation. The organisation is unable to guarantee ticket availability.

PAID TICKETS: We offer you a refund of your tickets. In order to ask for a refund of your tickets, contact the entity/company/organisation (accommodation, travel agency, tourist office, commercial establishment, guide, etc.) that sold you the ticket, presenting the following documents: - Original ticket - Ticket payment receipt (only if the tickets have been purchased on the visitandorra portal).
We hereby inform you that the organisation will in no case cover expenses other than the cost of the tickets to the event at the price established with each person taking up the offer.
You can check all the general conditions of the show in this link.