The  16/07/2015

Casa Museu d’Areny Plandolit, Ordino ( Ordino )

Hopkinson Smith leads the first concert in Andorra of the 5th Festival of Ancient Music of the Pyrenees.

Under the caption of “El llaüt a la cort isabelina” (the lute in the court of Isabella) the prestigious lute player Hopkinson Smith offers a tour of the music of three of the most prominent lute players of the time: J. Dowland, A. Holborne and R. Johnson; authors of some of the masterpieces of the late 16th century.

The 5th edition of the Festival of Ancient Music of the Pyrenees (FEMAP) offers four performances in Andorra. The 2015 edition offers 45 concerts, 3 musical tours and 6 sessions of “Gastrofilm” and other complementary activities in 26 towns and villages of the Pyrenees in the month of July and August.